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James Meredith - VP Marketing & Communications
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Introduction of the New Cinemark NextGen Cinema Concept


Plano, Texas - Cinemark Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CNK), a pioneer in the theatrical exhibition industry with roots in Utah will open a new 14-screen, all-digital movie theatre featuring the new Cinemark NextGen cinema design concept in Farmington, Utah.   The theater will be the keystone in a new preeminent lifestyle shopping center.  The Station Park in Farmington is a transit-oriented development with a mix of entertainment, retail, restaurant, office and hotel space.  With the opening of this theatre, Cinemark reaches an impressive milestone in the industry with more than 5,000 screens, making it one of the largest motion picture exhibitors in the world.  


"Cinemark got its start in the greater Salt Lake area over 25 years ago, so the state of Utah has always been considered a second home," says Alan Stock, Chief Executive Officer.   "This new Cinemark NextGen theatre will provide the perfect environment to enjoy all of Hollywood's summer blockbuster movies." 


All of the stadium-seated auditoriums in Cinemark's NextGen theatre will offer a state-of-the-art viewing environment with wall-to-wall screens, 100% digital projection and enhanced sound systems equipped with higher quality speakers and 7.1 capable digital surround sound. Additionally, this theatre complex will contain a popular Cinemark XD Extreme Digital Cinema auditorium.  Finally, the lobby will be designed around one of Cinemark's innovative self-serve concession stands offering freshly-popped popcorn, Coca-Cola fountain beverages and favorite candy brands.

The new Cinemark XD Extreme Digital Cinema auditorium will be the third in Northern Utah.  The XD auditorium is the largest in the theatre complex and offers a complete entertainment environment featuring a wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor screen, plush seating and a custom JBL sound system with higher end components and 7.1 capable digital surround sound.  The digital images will be delivered by a Doremi server and a Barco DLP digital projector.  The XD auditorium will exhibit the newest movies every week, including 2D and Real D-3D pictures.

Cinemark has 432 theaters around the world, but when Alan Stock joined Cinemark in 1986, the company had only 8 theatres, a few of them in Utah.   Today, Cinemark is one of the world's largest movie theatre exhibition companies with 5,000 screens in 13 countries.  


About Alan Stock:


Mr. Stock resides in Plano, Texas, but still has family and a home in Utah.  He has one son who is currently serving an LDS mission and another that attends Brigham Young University.  As a teenager, while working at a drive-in theatre, Mr. Stock was first introduced to the exhibition industry.  After returning from an LDS mission, while attending college at Weber State University, Mr. Stock continued to work in theatres and learned every aspect of the business from concessions to clean up, from selling tickets to running film projectors.  Before long, he was named District Manager for Consolidated Theatres of Utah.  "I was studying medicine like my father, but discovered that I truly loved the movie theatre business and the impact that the entertainment industry had on people," says Mr. Stock.   "At Cinemark, our number one goal is to create the best movie-going experience possible for customers.  If we do this consistently, our customers will come back to visit us again and again."  


Cinemark also features other amenities such as online "Print at Home" ticketing, available at , which makes it easy for patrons to purchase tickets in advance from the comfort of their home or office.  Customers are able to bypass lines at the box office and go directly to a kiosk in the theatre lobby.  In addition, customers can sign up online to receive free weekly showtime e-mails that offer online concession coupons.


Cinemark's Management Team:

Mr. Stock is not the only Utahn among Cinemark's top leaders:

-  Senior Vice President of New Technologies, Rob Carmony, is also a Weber State University graduate.  Prior to joining Cinemark, he worked for Plitt-Cineplex Odeon Theatres.   

- Vice President of Operations, Jeff Stone started working in movie theatres while attending Roy High School.  Following an LDS church mission to Germany, he became a Theatre Manager in Layton for Consolidated Theatres.  Stone started with Cinemark in 1985.

- Steve Owen started as an assistant manager of the Cinemark New Gate Movies 4 in Ogden in 1987.   As part of the Cinemark leadership team, he is currently Vice President of Purchasing.

-Kim Phillips, a Utah native, is Cinemark's Regional Manager overseeing 282 screens in four western states.  Phillips grew up working in Utah theatres and still resides in Syracuse, Utah with his family.  He attended the University of Utah and Weber State University.  Phillips says, "I grew up in the Utah market and I know it well."

About Cinemark Holdings, Inc.

Cinemark is a leading domestic and international motion picture exhibitor, operating 431 theatres with 5.000 screens in 39 U.S. states, Brazil, Mexico and 11 other Latin American countries as of March 31, 2011. For more information go to